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Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 & Mini Pochette Damier Ebene

Finally!  Oh my gosh, on my way to Chicago I almost changed my mind! *Yikes!!  At the end of the day, it's really only a purse, so why spend so much? But Addison was like, "Who cares?! You've been wanting it for a long time and you deserve it." Made my heart melt.  He was such a great sport driving us there and back with a total of 6 hours driving only to be at the store for 30 minutes right before close! I was afraid we weren't going to make it in time because of traffic, but everything followed through and all was not lost!

I had called earlier to see if they even had the 2 items in stock. They were really nice on the phone and there were only 2 speedys left and 1 mini pochette, and they only hold items for 48 hours.  I wasn't intending on going down there until next week, but I was talking to Addison and he's like... let's just go after work? WHAT! Wow. I guess it's just so overwhelming because I couldn't believe that the day was finally here!!

When I got to the store, they had my items on hold for me BUT they had the wrong mini pochette! Since the store I went to is a little smaller (it wasn't on Michigan Ave), they didn't think they had it in stock but the SA found it! Phew!  I did a quick look over my items and was very VERY happy!  The SA was a little weird though. It was quiet and awkward. The other SA was much better... idk if it was the asian connection or what (he just happened to be asian) but he was more talkative and made things more comfortable for us.

This is a pic of me in front of the store after purchase.

Quick pic of me and the bag!

I will be doing a video as well, just in case you wanted to see the interior, etc.






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