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Zara Trafaluc.

Adding on to yesterday's post, these are the second pair of heels I ordered from Zara. I'm quite boring when it comes to colors so I ordered the nude pair, of course.
The details on these heels are beautiful. I love the how they're made out of different materials. The buckles are slightly dented (probably from transit) but very cute.

The heels can also be a little higher. The back zippers are a little difficult to unzip. 

I really enjoy these heels except that they're too big. I should have gone half a size down! The fit between both shoes are inconsistent. It's very inconvenient because I don't live near a Zara and I hate having to pay to ship items back. Also, these shoes are currently sold out. Jah!

I will keep them for now. They are still very beautiful.

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