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Kohler Karbon

I recently moved into a new home and have been spending most of my time unpacking and searching for furniture. Our new place isn't necessarily a dream, but as a renter, you can't be too picky.

There are some minor "renovations" we had to make from the start. First of all, install a water filter. Second, hire professionals to clean the carpet.

I really want to share with you all my new faucet. I fell in love with this faucet the first time I laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it's very expensive. It retails for $1,200, but thankfully I did not have to pay that price. The Kohler Karbon faucet has been out for quite some time and the price has gone done a bit on Amazon.com. Here are photos of it installed in my kitchen.

FUNCTION: Because of its 5 pivoting points, you can morph the faucet into so many different shapes! It's amazing. The water handle is also very simple in design and it's easy to control the water temperature and flow. I love how I can now use my wrist to turn the water on. Everything stays clean and sanitary.

Pivoting and maneuvering the faucet is fairly easy but requires some strength/applied pressure, which is a good thing because it keeps its shape to however which way you've morphed it. It also means that the flow of water will not make the faucet move and go out of control.

There's a small soft button on the faucet near the spout that allows you to switch the flow to spray. The spray has an even flow but the only way to turn that off/reset is to shut the water off.

DESIGN: I love LOVE the design. The carbon fiber material in conjunction with the pivoting design looks too awesome-- very modern. It matches perfectly well with my soap dish, soap dispenser and potted plant.

INSTALLATION: Easy, just unscrew the old faucet, throw the Karbon in, twist in the screws-- viola! Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. The water handle requires a larger diameter than the average drilled hole found on a sink. As a result, the water handle wouldn't fit! So disappointing.

After hours of enlarging the opening, we were finally able to fit the everything in place and it looks amazing.


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