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Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad 3 Dreamy Logo Neoprene Case

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Neoprene iPad Case. The iPad case and Dreamy logo design have been out for quite sometime already, but because I recently acquired an iPad I found myself in need of an iPad case.


Of course, the purpose of a a case is protection. You need something that's sturdy that can help protect the iPad even if you accidentally dropped it. When I first started my online research, I was looking for something with a very simple design that was functional but also visually appealing.

Everything I saw wasn't very "protective." They were mainly sleeves, foldable magnets, or simply just looked kind of bulky and awful.

After some more browsing and reading reviews, I came across this Dreamy case. I was actually able to find the iPad case on sale for a much lower price, so instead of buying a less-than-average case for $50 just out of need, I went for the Dreamy case for an extra $20.

The color is much brighter than I expected. It's almost a neon pink. The feel is very nice, the embossed neoprene has a good texture. There is an elastic band that can keep the case closed, but I don't use it because it creates indents on the neoprene in the front of the case. Thankfully, those creases eventually go away.

The front name plate is gorgeous! Name plates tend to scratch but because of the pink and clear glaze it seems scratch resistant. The name plate is also very thick and soon very tight on to the front cover, so no need to worry about it ever coming off.

The iPad case does fold completely flat. There's a small flap on the inside of the front cover that can hold a few sheets of paper. I wanted to place a notepad there but because of the way the flap is sewn on to the cover, the case won't close flat if I do that.

There's space all around the border for your headphone jack and charger. There's even a headphone jack to fit the newest iPad -- the iPad 4s.

I also chose this case because I really wanted the iPad to have a complete border holding it in place rather than just at the corners. I think it looks cheap with just for corners tucked under an elastic strap and also felt that the iPad can easily slip out. The whole in the back for the camera is a nice size. I doesn't inhibit you from using the back camera at all. The exterior is fairly stain resistant. I carry it in my handbag and work bag all the time.

The great thing about this case is that it will fold over and hold the iPad up at about a ~60 degree angle for free-hand browsing. So you don't need the extra fold like other cases to hold it up.

Overall, I like it a lot and am happy with my purchase. 

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June L. said...

This is such a pretty case! The price is a little too steep for me, but I will always be staring after this case. xD Love it! Love your photography blog as well, it's gorgeous... talented to the max. ;u;

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Cindy Yang Lee said...

Thank you June! YOu can find it at a cheaper price on sites like now. :)





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