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Michael Kors Watch MK5491

My birthday passed a few weeks ago and I wanted to share the watch that I purchased! It's gorgeous. I've been looking at Michael Kors watches for a while but couldn't decided on a style. When I finally came across this style, I couldn't decide between Rose Golden or Tortoise. LOL indecisive, I know.

Long story short, I went to see both watches in person and immediately fell in love with the Rose Golden. I am in love!

I show the watch in this video and explain how to read the dials and the chronograph. You can skip and continue on for more photos.

I also have another Michaal Kors rose golden watch that can be found here: Michael Kors Rose Golden Chronograph Watch MK5412.

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nuska said...

did u get extra links with it?

cindyyanglee said...

No, you don't get extra links with them.

Soniya Sree said...

Hi I just want to check if the gold plating weared off or if any of the crystals fell out easily?

cindyyanglee said...

Hey Soniya, no color has worn off my watch but there are some scratches from normal wear and tear.

None of the crystals have fallen out. They're set in a groove so the crystals don't stick out (like my other watch).

I took a quick photo with my iPhone. I hope it helps.





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