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Kung Pao Shrimp

Oh my god, shrimp!

I don't cook seafood that often but I figured I should give this recipe a try. It's actually really easy to follow and it doesn't take too much time. It's another one pulled out of my America's Text Kitchen recipe book.

This recipe requires quite a few different sauces-- most of which are a staple in my kitchen and can be found in most Asian households. 

I forgot to buy toasted sesame oil so I used virgin olive oil instead.

This is my first time cooking with dry sherry. I found it next to the vinegars.

I didn't have any dry chili peppers so I used a few raw chili peppers instead and sprinkled a little bit of dry chili pepper flakes for taste.

I sliced the scallions into really thin and long 3" pieces. However, how that I look at the picture in the cookbook more closely, I think they meant to say to cut the scallions thin... but the normal "round" way.

If you have the book it's on page 396, otherwise find the recipe online here: RECIPE.

[1] Marinate the shrimp
Even though the instructions said to make the sauce first, I decided to do it later. The shrimp has to marinate for at least 10 minutes, which is more than enough time to make the sauce.

I purchased two bags of uncooked jumbo shrimp deveined with tails. As a result, I had to take the tails of manually. Then, I mixed the sherry, soy sauce and shrimp.

[ 2 ] The sauce
While the shrimp marinated, I mixed all the sauce ingredients together then placed it aside.

[ 3 ] Ginger, garlic and oil
Next, I grated the ginger and garlic into a small bowl with some olive oil.

[ 4  ] The pepper
Next I chopped one bell pepper into small little cubes.

[ 5 ] Cook the shrimp
I added some oil to a skillet. Once it started to smoke, I added the shrimp. I cooked it for about a minute, then I added the peanuts and chili peppers. I wish I would have crushed the peanuts just a little bit. The peanuts provide good texture and flavor but I wasn't a big fan of the large pieces of peanuts.

[ 6 ] Remove the shrimp
I cooked the shrimp until they turned bright pink and the peanuts were nice and toasted. Then I transferred them into a clean bowl and covered with foil to keep warm.

[ 7 ] Back to the bell pepper
Using the same skillet, I added another table spoon of oil. I waited for it to get hot then I added my bell pepper. I cooked it for about a minute or two then pushed all the peppers to the outside to make room for the ginger and garlic mixture from earlier.

You're supposed to cook the ginger and garlic in the same skillet but separate from the pepper. I cooked and mashed it into the pan until fragrant... then mixed it with the bell pepper.

[ 7 ] Add the shrimp
Next, I added the shrimp and peanuts back into the skillet with the pepper. I whisked the sauce I made earlier to recombine the ingredients then poured it into the skillet. I stirred and cooked the shrimp until the sauce thickened.

[ 8 ] Green onions or scallions? That is the question.
And lastly I added the scallions.

 [ THE END ] 
 Ta da! That's it! Again, I'm not the biggest fan of seafood but this was really good. You don't have to add any seasoning because the soy sauce and hoison flavored it really well and I thought that the marinate really helped add flavor to the shrimp. Addison really enjoyed it but of course his opinion is biased.

Served with white rice of course!


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