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How to apply Kiss Ever-EZ Trio Individual Lashes (Short Combo)

A tutorial and review on Kiss Ever-EZ Trio Individual Lashes (Short Combo).

Today, I tried these trio individual lashes for the first time.

I purchased them because:
  1. There were 3 knots in one little strip, which means more surface area for glue. This makes them easier to apply.
  2. No strip. You get a more natural look.
If you've applied single knot individual lashes before, you will really like these. If you've never applied individual lashes before, these might be a good way for you to gradually start trying them-- just be patient and go easy on the glue!

Since they're individual lashes, they definitely took me a bit of time to apply. I used a total of 8 lash pieces to cover my whole eye. I used two sizes x-short and short in the video below. X-short is the most natural looking but I prefer the short. Next time, I plan to just use the "short" size.

Here are some closeups.

What do you think, do they look pretty natural?

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