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Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet

A review of the Louis Vuitton Emilie wallet.

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If you click through my blog you'll know that I have a slight obsession with Damier Ebene. I've never really considered a Monogram item before but it's definitely starting to warm up to me.

I took a short trip to Vegas for my friend's bachelorette party. I'm so excited for her! Anyways, I purchased my Neverfull GM a few months ago and was on a shopping ban but while in Vegas I just couldn't resist the urge to get a matching wallet!

I've been wanting a wallet for quite some time now and have been using my Mini Pochette to carry all my cards. It did the job very well except my cards are never organized and often get lost in-between receipts and paper.

Before buying any Louis Vuitton item, I always do a lot of online research-- especially since there is literally no boutique in the state that I'm from. However, nothing is better than seeing the item in person.

I originally had my thoughts on getting the Josephine wallet. I love the envelope look, especially the that fact that it has a removable little pouch and a big back pocket-- get the most bang for my buck. However, the Sarah wallet is the most popular among Louis Vuitton wallet lovers.

I went to The Shops at Crystals by the Aria to compare all three wallets in person.

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene

I was not going to buy the Sarah but I wanted to check out the old and newer version just for fun but they didn't have the newer version available. I really like the design of the Sarah but I prefer the envelope look of the Josephine. The new Sarah wallet is the old Sarah and Josephine in one.

After opening and touching the wallets, I really fell in love with the Emilie! That was a surprise! It has one large back pocket, one sleeve, 4 credit card slots and a zip pocket. There's just something about it, the pockets, the space, it's so functional. With it being the same price as the Josephine, it was a no brainer.

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene
Back of the Wallet

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene

The open pocket spacing fits my phone perfectly-- even with a case. The same goes for the larger back pocket. However, I don't put my phone+case in the larger back pocket often because it sticks out a little and I don't want to distort the canvas.

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene
Four Card Holders
I got it hot stamped with my initials. My first hot stamped piece. It's the smallest font size with no periods. I loved the idea of personalizing it but didn't want to ruin the simple, elegant design with color so it's only embossed.

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene hot stamp initials
CYL - embossed/hot stamped my initials
You'll notice that I do have some scratches on the gold button from normal wear and tear. It's not the end of the world.

There are some Emilie owners who say that the card slots are too tight and pack in multiple cards to stretch it out. I think it's just fine... at least for me. The cards stick out just enough for you to access them without having to be concerned about them falling out.

I really love this wallet and definitely plan to use it as a clutch.

louis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebenelouis vuitton emilie wallet damier ebene

What are your thoughts on SLGs (small leather goods)?

Some people just refuse to get them. . . but trust me, you'll get addicted!


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