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Packers vs Lions Game

I'm born and raised in Wisconsin and yet this is my first time at a Packer game. 

This game was originally supposed to start at noon and thankfully it got delayed to three o'clock because we were not prepared! We had a late secret santa Christmas party the night before that we were busy preparing for, so we didn't even buy bleacher seats or food until the morning of.

Our little portable  propane grill was too hot, so it didn't cook our brats correctly and they started to fall apart LOL I can't remember who's idea it was to create a pouch with the tin foil and cook them in beer but it actually worked.

Despite the fact that we didn't have any snow, it was still very cold out so we were wrapped in blankets and hovered over our little Buddy heater. I sat so close to it the heater that my socks caught on fire LOL 

This guy with the green beard was hilarious. He and his brother kept getting lost and eventually never returned from the bathroom LOL There was a father and son in front of us who were from Michigan and an older couple who were from North Dakota.

And then we ran into this guy who happened to be one of Addison's teachers from high school. He even remembered Addison's name LOL

And then it started to snow...

This last photo is a little too perfect. I had a lot of fun and it's really different to watch the game in person but I don't think I will go again... at least not during the winter!


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