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Door County

For Memorial Weekend, Addison and I decided to take a little trip up north with just the two of us. We're going on a big vacation in a few weeks but still felt like we needed to have a little get away to maintain our sanity LOL

Morning on the Lake

We started our Saturday fishing, of course! We launched the boat out of Potowatami State Park. Sturgeon Bay is famous for bass fishing and it didn't disappoint. Here's a picture of Addison with the first catch of the day. We caught only a few more after this one and they weren't as big but it was still a lot of fun and the weather was great. We do what's called CPR-- catch, picture, release. Let's continue doing that, please!


After a few hours of fishing, we headed to a little restaurant called Waterfront Mary's Bar & Grill because it was by the state park. The restaurant is right behind a lodging area and right off the lake. Had we known, we would have drove the boat and docked there LOL

For an appetizer, we ordered their sampler: chicken tenders, cheese curds, onion rings, cheese sticks, fries, jalapeƱo poppers and ravioli. I thought the fried ravioli would be weird but it wasn't! It was actually my favorite and they were stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Everything was really good paired with a frozen pina colada.

While we waited for our food, this gentleman was playing some music. He's was pretty good, too!

For lunch, Addison had some sort of steak sandwich -- I think LOL and I think I had the Baja sandwich-- something with spicy buffalo sauce on the side.

However, while we were eating we discovered something on the menu called a Fish Boil:
"A fish boil is a Great Lakes culinary tradition in areas of Wisconsin, with large Scandinavian populations, particularly in Door County. The fish is typically caught by local fishermen, cut into small pieces and cooked in boiling water with red potatoes and onions. The cooking of the fish is an elaborate presentation. We Ask that patrons arrive a half hour early to witness the boiling."
It sounded so good that we decided to come back later and have it for dinner.


To walk off our food, we drove to Madison Ave. and stopped at the Door County Olive Oil Company. I've heard a lot about this place but have never actually visited the store. It has all the oils and balsamic vinegars in the front of the store and in the middle there's a big long wine rack that goes all the way to the back of the store seen below:

This is a picture of the back wine rack where they serve wine for tasting. We came a little bit late and it was close to store closing so they were no longer serving wine but they still gave us some samples of sangria and bloody marries.

There's a lot of art work at this store. From what I remember, the store owner's son-in-law is a painter and he painted all the artwork featured in the store and her daughter is a photographer and they also have some of her prints hanging on the walls.

We made our way back to the front of the store to try the olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Honestly, we had no idea what we were doing LOL but the store owner was really nice and gave us a quick lesson. The dark oils are made from black olives and the light oils are made with green olives. They each have their own taste and levels of concentration. Honestly, the more concentrated the oil the more the oil tasted like an actual olive.

What Addison and I really loved were the infused oils, which are pictured below. These oils are infused with different flavors from spicy to garlic. The garlic was really good and would pair very well with any kind of pasta but since I like to add olive oil to my salads we opted for the Tuscan Herb. Oh my gosh, this one smells and tastes soooo good. I can't really explain it.

Addison sampling some olive oil.
Opposite of the olive oils were the balsamic vinegars. I love adding this stuff to sandwiches, salads and dipping with vegetables. We tasted a few but the one that stood out the most was the Traditional 18 Year Balsamic! Wow, is it packed with flavor. Addison isn't into vinaigrettes but he actually liked it, too.

We left the store with a bottle of olive oil, a bottle of balsamic vinegar, a large bottle of sangria and a container of pink Himalayan sea salt-- just because.

Hiking Potawatomi State Park

With an hour left until dinner (remember the fish boil?), we decided to go back to the state park and do some hiking and climb the tower.

Dinner Fish Boil

The story of the fish boil goes something like this: back in the day, in order to feed a lot of people, fish along of other ingredients like potatoes and onions were cooked together in a big pot. Grime and other things would float to the top and get removed when it boiled over-- hence the name Fish Boil.

It honestly wasn't anything amazing but it was cool to watch and experience for the first time. After dinner, we just went back to our hotel and soaked in the hot tub for about an hour then called it a day.

Last Stop, Wine Tasting

Before we left, we stopped by Red Oak Winery to taste some wine. I really wanted to try some local wine and to take some bottles home with us.

We were there pretty early, around 11:00 am on a Sunday so there weren't a lot of people. Service was good and our bar tender was really nice. We're pretty big red wine drinkers but our favorite was the St. Pepin moscato so I purchased a bottle of that and a bottle of their Passionate Plum. It's a really interesting dessert wine. Something I never had before so I decided to get it, too. 

After wine tasting, we went to Green Bay to catch up with our friends. That's pretty much our trip in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



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