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Chanel Rouge COCO Shine Lipsticks and Lipgloss Collection

Here are some up close photos of my collection of Chanel Rouge COCO Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine lipsticks and Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossier lip glosses.

I've been slowly collecting CHANEL lipsticks, specifically the Rouge COCO shine formula, for a while now. Obviously, it's not the biggest collection because I've been focusing on only colors that I would actually wear. The two lipglosses came together as part of a holiday special that came with a lip pencil, pencil sharpener and cosmetic bag.

This specific formula is my favorite because it almost feels like a lip balm. As a result, you lips stay moisturized and there's a pretty sheen. The formula also makes it easy to control the amount of pigment so you can go for soft, subtle look or strong. bold.

Chanel Rouge COCO Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine:

Dialogue #84
Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #84 Dialogue

Dialogue was the first lipstick that I bought. I wanted to test out the formula first to see if I actually like if. I went for a red shade because it's such a classic and is definitely something I would use. I love applying this shade very lightly to create a soft, natural tint to dress-up a simple everyday makeup look without doing too much.

Interlude #78 *no longer available online
Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #78 Interlude
I want to say that Interlude was the second lipstick that I bought. I wanted a nuetral color... again because it's something that I would definitely wear. However, I haven't used this lipstick in a while because, like all nude lipsticks, it can emphasize fine lines and dry spots.
Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #55 Romance
Romance is a pretty pink color. I like it a lot because it doesn't come off Barbie pink, so it's not as immature or child-like. I don't like pale pink lipsticks so this color with this formula is a win to me.

Boy #54
(Photo from Nordstrom doesn't match the real product)

Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #54 Boy
This is my favorite out of all the lipsticks!!!! I really love this color. It's a beautiful nuetral color that compliments so many different skin tones. It's like my natural lip color but better and has a subtle shimmer. It's so pretty. I put this lipstick on my friend when I did her makeup for her wedding. 

Armarosa #487 *no longer available online
Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #487 Armarosa
Armarosa is a lot like Boy but darker and has a deeper purple undertone. Because it's the COCO shine formula, the color blends in with your natural lip color really well and creates a flattering hue.

Sari D'eau #44

Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #44 Sari D'eau
Alright, so I bought Sari D'eau during the summer. I wanted an orange lip color even before orange was a thing! However, I have to admit that I've only worn this lip color a handful of times. The orange is definitely pretty and there's a pretty shimmer but I tend to gravitate towards other colors in my collection. 

Fiction #81 *no longer available online
Chanel Rouge COCO Shine #81  Fiction
Fiction may have been the third lipstick that I bought in my collection. It's a dark, vampy, purply, apricot color with glitter. When first applying, it can feel a tiny grainy but it doesn't feel that way on the lips after the application. There's definitely a red undertone to this lipstick so if you're looking for something more purple then I suggest you get something else.

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer:

Crushed Cherry #176 *no longer available online
Chanel Glossimer #176 Crushed Cherry
I love the fact that this lipgloss looks a lot like the lipstick color Fiction. As a result, I often layer the two products together. CHANEL Glossimers are great in a sense that they aren't very watery or sticky. However, lipgloss is lipgloss. There are many great lipglosses out there at a cheaper price so unless there's a shade you really like, I would pass on the glossimers.

Wild Rose #119

Chanel Glossimer #119 Wild Rose
Wild rose is a really pretty shade. It's pink but a darker, nuetral pink so it's very flattering and the glitters are really pretty. I still use this lipgloss a lot and carry it in my purse as an all time favorite.

For swatches, please watch this video:


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